Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

The Barest Beginning

Coming soon: my web-comic. Assuming I figure this thing out. I am a geek about many things–literature, linguistics, folklore and mythology, art history, video games prior to 1993–but computers are not one of them.

But when I do figure it out, how grand it will be. Hundreds of years ago, Europeans were entertained by the Commedia dell’Arte, improvisational comedy populated by about a dozen stock characters: rich merchant Pantalone, absent-minded academic Il Dottore, blustering braggart Il Capitano, their children Flavio and Isabella, and their servants the violent Pulcinella, the hapless Pedrolino, the wily Arlecchino, and the wilier-still Columbina (plus a few others). Just who was related to or employed by who varied between plays, but generally Isabella was arranged by her father to be married to one of the other old men, and the servants conspired to unite her with her true love Flavio. Fast-forward a (4 + X) hundred years, and they’re still at it…and thus begins Commedia 2X00.

Having a strong sense of loyalty to his master Alazon Pants, household servant Arlecchino volunteers to be converted into a super fighting cyborg. Also because super fighting cyborgs are awesome. It’s a tale as old as time, full of romance, jealousy, adventure, betrayal, mad science, tribulations, ninjas, video-game references, and snarky asides to the audience!



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