Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 15: You’re “Kraken” Me Up, Bro!

Warning: wait thirty minutes before swimming in the lava. A lifeguard is on duty; however, he is a heli-kraken.

The framed pictures you occasionally see in the background are usually from Berzerkley University, when Dottore and Mr. Pants met each other; they were in the same frat, Qoppa Heta Vecchi. They didn’t really hang out, though, since Pants was usually chasing girls and clubbing, while Dottore spent most of his time with his science classmates, Robo-Neko, Professor Kulangu, the Dokuta brothers Wiry and Righto (that’s him in the headlock), and his future wife Rufiana Pollutius. See, there’s this whole expanded universe that might get gotten into once the first arc is over…

Also, I know Dottore’s not really the type to have leopard-print wallpaper, but you have to remember Arlecchino’s getting into Isa’s part of the base, and she’s probably got rhinestones hot-glued to everything; she never really grew out of her Lisa Frank phase.

Finally, I wanted to have a sound-effect for Columbina’s drink at the end, but it got too cluttered to fit. So here it is: “SHLURP”Next!



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