Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 19: Schmutz On the Doodle-Fractor

Egad indeed, Mr. Punch. Egad indeed.

I started this week’s comic, like, four days earlier than usual. I worked gradually on it through the week. I have no idea why it still took until three AM. Like, it made no sense. I was assembling the comic and I’d look at the clock. I’d put a panel in, airbrush a few nitpicky things, and then I’d look again, and it was an hour later. Oh well; sleep is stupid, anyway.

So one of the difficult things about doing a comic like this is balancing the action and the humor; things have to happen, but due to the format, it’s unavoidable that strips will have punchlines. You guys are lucky I’m on WordPress instead of Tumblr now, because there are three jokes here that could be punchlines, but you get them all at once. It’s like a feast for your…that part of your brain that processes humor. I refuse to say “funny bone”; that stopped being funny years ago.

Not that I’m planning on doing the strip in color or anything–I mean, it’s black and white and I’m still here at three–but I realized the other day that while I have some pretty general ideas for most things, I have no idea what color Columbina’s hair is. Blue, maybe?



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