Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 20: Pretty Damn Rescued

That’s what girls’ rooms look like, right? Her ear ring display turned out a little more…grisly-looking than I had expected. Those are fake ears…at least that’s what her dad said when he gave her the display. I’d also just like to say that there’s an awful-looking caricature of Nicki Minaj that got cut for space, just barely visible behind a speech balloon in the second panel; I kinda wish I’d switched it with the Boy Band poster in the third one. But I like the idea of a boy band that comes out and admits that it’s made up of a couple of hot guys, a rich producer, and a computer. Or in this case, a robot. Robots are a kind of computer in the Twenty-Xth Century.

I’m pretty sure I had more to say on this one, but it’s all being blocked out by the awful song stuck in my head. I won’t tell you which one, because then you’d have it in your head too, and I don’t want such an asinine track getting any more thought-time than it has to, just in case they’ve figured out how to make money off that. So…yeah. Bye!


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