Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 24: Quite the Coincidence!

On the one hand, it may seem unfair that Columbina has so many more tasks. On the other, would you trust Mr. Punch with any of it? On the third hand, I don’t know if that counts, though, since Dottore is trusting him with his Sega Nomad.

So you know how when you’re almost done with something, it always seems like you might as well go ahead and finish instead of leaving and coming back later? That’s why it’s close to 4:30 AM and I’m uploading. I probably should have gone to bed, but you know what? People depend on me. I’m lucky I get to go to bed at all, ever. My fans need me, and I can’t desert them.

That said, I seem to be losing my balance while sitting in the chair here, so I’ll just say to check the “About” page for a link to another project: Super Pwnzorfaust, a manual/fansite to a fictional video game. It’s a work in progress with no particular goal, but it’s got some cool little animations, so that’s good, right?



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