Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 26: Coffee Break

Hint: those weren’t coffee beans. I don’t know, maybe they were dirt clods or bugs or something.

Sorry if this one’s a little goofy; there’s been so much craziness around the ol’ heezy (which is what the cool kids call their house these days), I just couldn’t bring myself to advance the plot. But hey, how about that dungeon from Castlevania? Kids love Castlevania.

And by the way, many people might not realize this, but sound effects are really hard to do in comics without looking goofy, especially if for creative and/or technical reasons you can’t use any of those fancy sound-effect fonts you can get online. How do you spell a spit-take, and still have spoken effects to come after? I considered “spramp!”, but this comic has enough shout-outs to classic theater and retro video games; I don’t need to start referencing “Will & Grace.”



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