Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 27: Endgame of the Bionic Journeyman, or, The Tater Pals Episode

So, for today’s episode, all characters will be appearing as hand puppets, or possibly potatoes. It’s probably a view of a parallel universe or something, I don’t know. Just go with it. Look how cute and fat they are! Great, right?

Well, anyway. On the art of comicking, I will totally admit that I originally had dialogue planned for the last panel there, but as I was compiling everything and I looked at that panel, I realized no words could improve on it. And on the matter of my obscure pop-culture references, Irn Bru (not a typo) is a soda, originally Scottish, that tastes really weird and metallic, uses a dye that most countries have outlawed as poisonous, and contains way more caffeine than any of your sissy energy drinks on the American market. There’s a version you can get in the US that approximates the taste but uses a non-toxic dye and cuts the caff down to safer levels, but it’s still pretty intense; you can usually get it at foreign-food markets, but at least where I live they’ve also got it in the British section at Publix. Tagline: “It’s made in  Scotland with girders!”



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