Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 28: Action Calls For Action Goggles

When I decided Isa should change into something more appropriate for an adventure–or at least, what she would consider more appropriate–I really didn’t set out to make it look so…rave-y. But, hey, raves are a kind of adventure, right?

On the lighter side of things, I’ve started up a far more pointless webcomic over at SmackJeeves, a romp through trivia, anecdotes, and minutiae: Factoid Fist. Get punched in the face…with KNOWLEDGE. It updates whenever I get the urge, and I hope to keep up this five-times-a-week thing, but I doubt it.

And on the darker side…what do you suppose made that giant fist print in the first panel there? STAY TUNED.



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