Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 36: Elixir of the Crimson Chanticleer

There’s not a lot of people that like web-comics and don’t know about Sriracha, but for the uninitiated, it’s a spicy sauce originally invented a few decades ago by an Asian guy that wanted to market the Asian equivalent of ketchup: a sort of all-purpose condiment, for use in almost any recipe and on any food. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams: today, the red sauce, marketed in a clear bottle with a white line-drawing rooster on the front, is popularly used by many westerners (especially Japanophiles) on ramen, pizza, Mexican food, and pretty much everything else. Go easy the first time you use it, because it’s more potent than you might think.

Alternate punch-line: a repeat of panel three, but with Isa subtly staring at Arlecchino and Columbina. They ask her what she’s staring at; she says she thought they were finally going to kiss. I decided not to go that way because the matter of the ineffective sleeping-potion needed resolving, and too many pages of hiding behind boulders would mess with the pacing of the story. But you can imagine it pretty easily, I think, and I’ll throw the line into the script when I get up to Atlanta and pitch the series to Cartoon Network. (They let random guys off the street pitch shows, right?)



One response

  1. Connie Durvin

    Good morning, JD! Good strip, but I still like last week’s best 🙂 You’re right – the sriracha is some hot stuff! Don’t forget to let me know ASAP when you’ll need to load up the truck so I can request time off. I’m planning to bring “birthday” cake with me – we’ll call it a “moving cake” :-)))

    July 30, 2012 at 12:31 pm

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