Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 38: Silent But Deadly

The back of Columbina’s head looks like an asparagus in the second panel. Just wanted to point that out.

With the desktop still dead, I made this by hooking up a dead-screened laptop to a monitor and firing up a version of Photoshop that’s been obsolete for ten years, so if a few of the lines are a little more jagged than usual, that’s the cause of it. Usually I use Gimp, and I complain about it so much I sound like an old man trying to figure out his computer-machine, but going back to Photoshop–a really old version, mind you–I find that there are some things that Adobe missed that Gimp really got right. Boxes can be resized after they’ve been made, and paths are pretty well integrated into everything, unlike in my old Photoshop, where they’re a magical extra dimension with their own windows and processes that only the most powerful Photo-mages can conjur up, as though the “pen” tool was handed down from mystical elven lords beyond the ken of mortals. Or maybe I just haven’t been getting enough sleep lately…

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