Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 40: Don’t Bogart That Ninja Pwnage

I’m not sure why, but this page took forever. (You can probably tell this by the fact that it’s being posted a day late.) I think the problem is that yesterday I didn’t have any music on; it keeps my mind from wandering. The problem is, I’ve heard all my CD’s a million times, my tastes are so hipster even Pandora hasn’t heard of them, and the problem with vinyl is that the albums are no longer than forty-four minutes, plus you have to flip them over around the twenty-two mark, meaning you don’t get as much uninterrupted comicizing time as you do with more modern media. Doesn’t help that I’ve been getting up earlier these days, so now staying up til 3AM is less feasible. Anyway, when I wrote this one I also wrote the next two pages, so hopefully they won’t take as long as usual.
Since the comic is already taking forever, I’m trying out leaving out the panel borders, rather than spending another 30-60 minutes drawing black rectangles (it wouldn’t take so long, except you have to draw them in exactly the right places). Let me know how you feel without them–some of the earliest pages didn’t have them and it made them hard to follow, but I think I know enough about comics now that I can work without them, at least for this page. Again, let me know, because if nobody complains, I’m gonna keep doing this shizzle how so ever I please.



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