Slapping the Twenty-Xth Century in the face!

Page 50: Isa Has a Cunning Plan


Well, I was sick last week and had to skip, but this thing’s double the usual size and has at least three bits that could have been page breaks, so BAM. I’m pretty sure this one sets the record for number of panels, although Captain Scar’s shifty eye montage might not count.

And now you know the shocking truth: remember how Arlecchino was the first Super Fighting Cyborg? I never said he was the only one. Columbina may have done some of the work on herself, too, which sounds pretty unpleasant. Ah, well, she’s a toughie.

And since you’ve got time to sit around reading web-comics, why not check out my new “friends” page? I put together a list of my favorite web-comics from across the surface of the web. There’s a few that you’ve probably heard of, but there’s a few you haven’t, I’m sure; technically I’m not friends with any of them, at least not in the meatspace sense of the word, but maybe if I forward enough links to them, they’ll want to be friends with me. I think that’s how it works…I’m a little unclear on how the inter-comic networking happens. In any case, you’ll get to read about doctors that are also ninjas, axe-wielding policemen, and robots powered by bees, so it’s a win-win!

PS WordPress seems to have updated its file upload thingie, so if the comic’s all wonky, let me know on Facebook. Also, follow me on Facebook! All the cool children are doing it.



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